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A full-spectrum strategy partner for independent dental practices.

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Interested in discussing partnership options?

If you are a new dental school graduate or an independent practice looking at options for partnership, we would love to talk! If you are an industry expert looking for new opportunities, we invite you to collaborate with us as well.

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Helping You Help Your Patients

We understand both the hurdles and rewards of running a small business. Ascendent Health Partners was formed in an effort to alleviate the hurdles, and ramp up the rewards — for you and your patients. We give you the support and resources of a well-connected group practice, while you maintain the freedom of your own operation.

Our partnership lets you expand your productivity, amplify your dental care and, above all, avoid the burnout faced by so many small practices who derail themselves before they get off the ground.
We provide the systems, assistance, and training to help you meet your professional goals — everything from continuing education and tailored specializations, to the practical details of streamlining your office operations. 
You’ll immediately foster a productive workplace, employ the best technology, and connect with a larger community. We’ll help you focus on your individual needs and goals and achieve the work-life balance that lets you serve your patients unhampered.

Get in touch to discuss how Ascendent Health Partners can enhance and simplify your practice.

Core Values

Patient Obsession
Team Empowerment
Team Development
Relationship Driven
Golden Rule Patient Care
Golden Rule Team Care
Doctor Clinical Autonomy

Practices We Support

Our Mission 

To empower healers and educators to provide patients with world-class care and optimal health.

Hello, I’m Dr. Max Meinerz.

I pride myself on my friendships with patients and colleagues and find that relationship-building is the most enjoyable part of my job. I graduated from the Marquette's School of Dentistry,and I prioritize continuing education courses that help me better serve my patients.

Outside of work, I enjoy distance running, water sports, camping, cooking new recipes, and spending time with my wife and new daughter! Inside of work, I enjoy reducing the operational headaches faced by emerging and existing dental practices. In the face of an ever growing Corporate Dentistry model, I have established Ascendent Health Partners with the purpose of maintaining a thriving private practice option for people-connectors and healers who allow us to help care for their business.

Along with the ability to compete with the corporate outfits, it is my goal to ensure that you will never have to cancel a tee time or show up late to a family party because of an HR problem.
During my career, I have:
  • Been a member of the American Dental Association, Wisconsin Dental Association and the Greater Milwaukee Dental Association.
  • Acquired or partnered with 5 dental practices.
  • Led a team of 6 dentists and a group of 35 support team members.
  • Achieved 270% revenue growth with a 6x profit increase.
  • Developed relationships with vendors, suppliers and labs to provide solo dentists with a 10-30% cost reduction.
  • Maintained a 98%+ patient satisfaction rating across all dental practices.
  • Donated over $150,000.00 to local charities and nonprofits.

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